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What has Reiki energy done for me?

Hi! I'm Micalah, co-creator of Prairie Sage Co. 

I've created this space to spread love and light in my own authentic way! 

Practicing Reiki energy has had a major impact on my spiritual journey.  Harnessing Reiki energy has opened me up to new perspectives. I can feel the true magic and power of Reiki throughout my own life.  

I found myself in a place of combatting challenging relationships and feeling the impacts of depression and anxiety creep into my life.  My healing came full circle when I added Reiki to my journey.  I found others were searching for a deeper healing and experiencing similar situations.  I knew using the energies and frequencies from the earth and universe, I could help.  I look forward to assisting you in your healing and above all give them you a safe, calm and peaceful experience.


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