Just for you Mala Bracelet

Just for you Mala Bracelet


This"just for you"  mala was created with Rose quartz, and Wood Jasper, and Agate with Druzy Crystals - our malas are infused with reiki energy. 


Love, harmony and the heart chakra, all essential qualities for Goddesses. Rose Quartz vibrates the energy of unconditional love. It is known to open the heart chakra to love in all its forms. Rose Quartz is believed to raise self-esteem and balance emotions.


It is believed that petrified wood jasper comprises an ability to establish a bond between the wearer and the time when his spirit was embraced by nature. This stone is also considered as a respectful stone that encourage the wearer to look at their environment and nature serenely.


This stone has a more subtle energy to it - Agate radiates soft strength to ground the spirit and offer stability. Agate properties connect with energy of the earth.