Relax babe. Mala Bracelet

Relax babe. Mala Bracelet


This mala is created with Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Auralite 23, and Lepidolite to help a girl let loose and release! 


One of the most spiritual stones, Amethyst enhances intuition, spirituality and meditation. Amethyst helps develop a deep understanding of life.


Love, harmony and the heart chakra, all essential qualities for Goddesses. Rose Quartz vibrates the energy of unconditional love.


A “stone of transition”, Lepidolite assists in the release and reorganisation of old behavioural and psychological patterns, gently inducing change. It brings deep emotional healing, soothing and reducing stress


Auralite can balance all the 7 chakras from the body and it is ideal for those who are looking for radical change in their life in order to achieve what their hearts desire the most.


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