Hi Dear One, we are so glad to see you have made it here to our healing space.

Here's what you can expect from a session with us:

We will start off with a short meditation and begin after permission is granted to enter your spiritual space. We will use different healing modalities including; reiki, pranic and ancient healings, each session is unique as your soul will tell us what it is needing at the time. With your permission, and if the practitioner feels drawn to use oracle cards. They are included at the end of the session.


The Experience

Our sessions are offered remotely via Zoom, the entire session can be on zoom or we can offer you the messages after the session has ended and you feel relaxed and refreshed from the clearing.  

The session timed slot is for 30 minutes but does often go slightly longer. We encourage you to allow yourself a full hour to absorb all the healings offered.

  • Micalah Owen

    Micalah is a certified master in Reiki, but considers herself a student of the universe. As humans, we are always learning and evolving.

  • Karly Bensmiller

    Karly uses methods of Pranic Healing, Reiki and Channeled Ancient Healing Modalities to help clients release stagnant energies.

  • Chance Bensmiller


Why Distance Sessions

Healers and clients will be in the comfort of their own energetic safe space. By offering distance sessions, healers can help clients with their energy body and emotional well-being at any location on earth.