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Prairie Sage Co

Custom Order - Mala Necklace

Custom Order - Mala Necklace

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Here at Prairie Sage Co. we believe that jewelry can be more than just a fashion statement - it can also serve as a powerful tool for personal growth and healing. Our custom mala necklaces are the perfect embodiment of this philosophy.

Each necklace is carefully crafted with your unique intentions and energy in mind. When you purchase a custom mala necklace from us, you'll receive a personalized email asking you a few core questions to help us understand your goals and aspirations. From there, we'll intuitively select the gemstones and crystals that best align with your intentions, creating a beautiful and powerful piece of jewelry that will serve as a daily reminder of your personal journey.

Whether you're looking to cultivate more love and compassion in your life, increase your abundance and prosperity, or simply find more peace and balance in your daily routine, our custom mala necklaces are the perfect way to bring your intentions to life. Order yours today and discover the power of intention-based jewelry for yourself!


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